Who are we?

Olivier Bobbi
General Manager

Always professional, so charismatic that George Clooney would be jealous, Olivier has established himself in the difficult environment of kitesurfing. He will advise you on all the technical aspects of your stay. eg “What time is high tide? .. or do you need a bolt size 12? .. Have you heard about Bill Withers? Rohh huge groove master, makes me horny just to think about his music!! .. A good bar? Yeah go to Zé Nunes! ”

Beach Marshall

When not on the water sending a kiteloop slimchance or upside down giving a capoeira class, Jardel is the club’s multitask man. Pleasant and always smiling, he is also an excellent kite instructor kite, always available to help you on the beach, teach you a new trick or pass you his good mood!

Hamock World Champion in 84

Addicted to kitesurfing for the last ten years, Alan has swapped suits and ties for board shorts and sandals to live his passion and set up his ownn kite school in Brazil. He will be pleased to give you some tips on the good places to go in the village (Go for the lobster at Chico’s!), and will do his best to help you enjoy your stay!


To share our passion for kitesurfing with the locals, we have set up a system to give everyone the opportunity to practice or learn our favorite sport. In partnership with the Association Brasil Legal, we collect and recondition used or old equipment, and appeal to you regarding this .. if you have any old kites hanging in your garage and space in your luggage, bring them, you will make some kids happy!

Panier Garni

Brazil is a very rich country culinary speaking and you will eat here very well, however, it may be difficult or impossible to obtain certain essential products. Here are the some ideas you might want to bring with you for a pleasant stay. You can also exchange then for caipirinhas with the locals (us)

– Cheese
– Candies
– Heinz Ketchup
– Pickles
– Ham
– Fresh Italian pastas
– Parmegiano … 🙂

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