Kite Club

Welcome to Icaraizinho, small fishermen’s village in the Northeast region of Brazil. True paradise for kitesurfers, Icaraizinho offers perfect conditions for Kiteboarding, 9 months a year.


The club offers a complete structure, convenient and comfortable, located in front of the sea, on the best spot of the bay. For the students, a school zone with all the appropriate equipment for learning, qualified instructors, handsome and muscular (or tanned and sexy) and a dune buggy to get to different spots around depending on conditions and levels.

For autonomous riders, a practical and spacious storage room, facing the spot, a large grass area to setup and clean your gear, tools craft, compressor to pump up and assistants on the beach to help you land or launch your kite.


In case of a kite problem, torn panel, leaking valve or bladder, etc… repairs are possible on site, the club has now its own workshop! The club is an Airush test center, so you will be able to test and compare the latest LF products.


Lunch is available at noon in our beachfront restaurant with traditional and varied dishes. Rest areas are available to relax in the shade in a hammock or sofa, and enjoy a fresh fruit juice between 2 sessions.


You can also enjoy the show offered by local riders, kicking it both on and off the water.

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